Feedback on my game trailer

I’ve just finished making my first ever trailer and I’d like to get some honest feedback.


The trailer is good. I like it. :slight_smile:

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It’s awesome!
The only thing I can suggest is the font used. make it more sci-fi type.


this shouldnt be in roblox. It should be like steam or something.

Thank you!
I used Shotcut for this and I couldn’t really find any font that would match better so I used this one

The trailer is soo good keep it up

The trailer’s good, but probably long if you’re wanting to embed it on a Roblox game. Currently it’s synced with the music really well, so if you want to try and make a short version, maybe you can just condense the panoramic shots, the building footage and the combat footage all into the climax of the song.

If you’re not planning to put it into a Roblox game or make a shorter version, all I really have is a few nitpicks. Firstly, the terrain around the beginning increases in detail noticeably as you get closer, which is a very insignificant thing but it’s a little distracting. Secondly, the clip around 0:19 showing off the different turrets feels a bit out of place; maybe put the turrets into one of the scenes you show in the other shots like the outdoors or the garage instead of just having them float in the sky.

This looks awesome! I would love to beta test this!

Thank you so much for the feedback!
I don’t think the terrain issue is fixable, it’s Roblox loading the terrain and it automatically increases the details.
Yeah, I think you’re right about these turrets, I should have put them into the garage place or on some better background.

Thank you! :heart:
There’s a discord link in the description of the video, you can join and I’ll give you a tester role

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I’m impressedreally I want to be a tester for the game. Qq can you make motherships like star dreadnaught or star destroyers with star fighters?

Well, you build the ship so you can build whatever you want! :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking interest, if you really want to be a tester, you can join my discord community (link in the vid description)

Oh can It come with star fighters similar to Star Wars?

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Really good trailer in my opinion.
The only thing I would change is the first cut where you can see some of the terrain parts loading which in my opinion made me look at it, but the rest its perfect, really good work, cuts are made perfectly so you can see the features but it won’t annoy you and it actually gives you the hype to try it and yeah absolutely im rating this a


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