Feedback on my Game Tutorial!

Hello there!

So, I recently created a tutorial system, where the player can get advice for the game. Here is how it works. If the player is near Zac and if F is pressed, the tutorial will start, and Zac will provide the player with details on how the game is played.

Here is a video of it!

Do you guys have any feedback?


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Selling items is against the Forum rules, so you might want to edit your post.


I am so sorry! I didn’t know! (chars)

Symbols and images are much more intuitive and efficient. I find often with game tutorials that when I have to sit and read some boring, confusing text the tutorial is unsuccessful in teaching me to play and ends up being a waste of time.

Show the player some images. Make them do something. Don’t just tell them what something is. Let them figure it out.


He isn’t selling it, to me it looks like he is Showing it.

He’s not selling it? He’s showing it off, and asking for feedback.

He edited the post after I mentioned it.