Feedback on my game Zone of alienation

Hi, people seem to like my game but I am having hard time converting users from ads into returning players. I got a lot of dislikes because I launched when the game was buggy. Game gets around 20 players with 4000 robux 1.05% ctr ad. Zone of Alienation [Alpha] - Roblox

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I just wanna say, this game probably gets boring when there’s no other players. Its best played with others. and there’s not many people in the game which makes me think there should be bot teammates following you around and helping.

I haven’t played the game fully because the trailer really drags me off. It’s just gameplay and it doesn’t have words, dialogue, full fledge game play showing what your litterly going to do, also just wanna say, the sirens guy seems extremely unconvincing due to the fact that he is just saying to run from the sirens because (for some unexplained reason) they just automatically kill you.

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Game can be fully played single player. This is pve game

Your Dismissing my point, I said its better to be played with people than just playing alone.