Feedback on my game


I am getting close to releasing my new game called “Out On The Farm”. This was originally going to just be a re-skin of my previous game but as I worked on it more, it morphed into something quite different.

It is still a work in progress but I was hoping to get some early feedback to incorporate as I am doing finishing touches. So, any feedback on the game is encouraged. But specifically, I would like feedback on a few key areas:

  1. The farm
  2. The town
  3. The livestock system
  4. The Bunny Bop mini-game

To aid you in evaluating the game, I have included a code: “RobloxDev” that will grant you enough money to advance the farm to unlock the first set of livestock crates.


Hey man, the game looks fine but lacks of details! It’s scripted good but maybe make it so you can earn money a bit faster then that.

This building right here should’ve had a bit more details instead of it just being one big decal.
This picture right here is cool, just make sure it’s more detailed on the floor! and the buildings behind it!

This looks also cool, just make sure that instead of that just being one big decal, make it out of parts!
Also, make the UI on the wall a bit less stretched.

Also, please change the background of this! It doesn’t fit at all, instead just put some kind of mountains arround it or just some more terrain.

Good luck with your game,


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Thanks for the feedback! I am still developing my building skills, so I am glad to hear places I can improve. I will work on those improvements.

To this comment:
‘maybe make it so you can earn money a bit faster’
The money rate ramps up as the farm grows (for example each layer of the silos increases the value of a corn kernel). Also, the livestock are intended to be the big money makers. They generate money per second based on level and rarity. That said, I am still trying to balance the rate of money and maybe I need to have it increase a little faster early on.


I’d definitely agree with the point about the flower border.

Overall, I’d say try to decide upon a building style. Some parts feel like they’re very basic in terms of detail, while others are more complex and use custom textures. Deciding on how much detail you want, colour and material schemes would give it a more consistent feel and would make some parts stand out less.

For areas like this, I’d personally go with something where the player’s camera pans out or something and a UI appears that lets them change their farm settings. That way you keep the physical location, but make it easier to use.

I like the town centre area with the leaderboards, but I’d echo what Kjeldino07 said about some more detail. Oh, and I’d also add a lifespan for bricks that are generated by the machines as you can get pieces falling off the conveyers which just sit there.

Finally, I’d say that adding some player interaction features would make it more fun. Things like donate abilities, perhaps trading livestock, or some other ways to make it more social.

Good luck :slight_smile:

P.S My chickens are quite manic, I think toning down the movement scripts would be a good idea.

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Thanks eqis for the feedback. I will start incorporating that as well. The idea about moving the camera for the farm designer was a great one. This is how I adjusted it right now (SPOILER ALERT, this is the complete farm):


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Any feedback on the Bunny Bop mini-game? too simple? anything I can do to improve it? Does it add value to have mini games? I was kind of thinking it would give you things to do while you wait for money to accumulate. Should I add more mini-games? I was thinking of a bull riding mini-game that has a rhythm style play to it, where you fall off if you miss too many moves.