Feedback on my game!

Hello! This is my first post on the Dev Form and I would love if you could give some feedback on my main account ( Toyuniversity )
Game! I made this over spring break a while ago and it’s time to ask for some feedback! This game is far from done and if you would like to see the game for yourself check it out here!

Also yes this is an alt account so yeah! Thanks for reading and I hope for some great feedback on the game! ^^


Ok first things first,
What is with the lighting, its very blurry and uncomfortable for my eyes,
Second: Wth is with all the heads?
Third: Cmon really? A donation board u know better

pretty nice and have a good vibe i guess
also please don’t try to make another afk until game :pray: :grinning:

It’s not bad! There are some things you can improve on though. :slight_smile:

Street is very narrow and I feel bigger than the whole place
There’s a lot of random smiling heads that don’t really match the vibey theme
The blue room stands out a bit too much with that vibrant color

Very calming and relaxing
Nice yellow warm look

Thanks for the feedback! The donation board was mostly from support from friends to motivate me to continue with the project! And I’ll try to fix the graphics when I have some time. Thanks for the feedback! ^^

Alright! Those type of games never work anyway and it was mostly just a test to see if it would actually work lol.

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Thanks for the feedback! I tryed not to use any references while making this which was a big mistake so yeah… anyway I’ll take your feedback into consideration! :smiley:

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Looks amazing! I love the lighting but maybe lower the blur a little

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keep that in mind while working on the next version:D

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cool game but the street is super small and you spawn outside the city, nice game though

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Thanks! It was never finished so yeah! Also working on a new version that should be better so thanks for the feedback!