Feedback on my Game

Good Afternoon.
I have created my first game on roblox a while ago, and after some updates, i wanted to know what you guys think about it… basically give me a feedback of the game.

Link : Here

The type of feedback that im looking for is about the gameplay, because im already thinking on changing the previews and icon of the game. And about the maps design i shall need help.

(Mainly doing this topic because of what i say, i want some feedback about the game… But also i do it because, i see that some people are not liking the game, and they dont tell me whats wrong, when i ask them it looks like if i was talking to a wall, they dont answer and just ragequit or something… i know that the game is about parkour and maybe they are bad on obbies but hey, the name of the game is “Run!”, what do them expect with that name?, a cooking game?)

Whatever, if you have anything to say about the game please tell me because i want to make it better. Thx :slight_smile:



personally, I think you can give it sky/skybox, improve the game thumbnails to be more polished/more shiny.

The title definitely needs to be changed into something more… attractive? It makes a great statement: RUN! But only “run”… meh. I think it would be better if you made the gamepage look more interesting/better atmosphere.

as an example of what I’m meaning, you could search up Roblox Dragon Rush. It has a similar design theme, (but of course different gameplay). =)

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Very nice! The only think I have to say is when you fall, I think there should be a way to climb back up before the wall catches up!

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