Feedback on my game

(Bare in mind this is my second post XD)

Could you go to

And give some feedback on my meshes, It would be MUCH appreciated.


That’s a nice map with all of the unique meshes in it. My feedbacks are:

  • Maybe you could change the lighting in your game because it looks dark when you go to the mushrooms area. Another way is maybe to change your map into a day!
  • I also noticed a weird looking tree near the red egg. Maybe you can fix that tree except if you want to make an alien planet!
  • Some houses or buildings can make your world more full rather than just land with trees
  • Or if you want to do a full forest, add more variety of trees, rocks, bushes, flowers, grasses, tiny rocks and etc. The more things you could add to your map the more fun the map looks!

Overall, the map looks good and your models are outstanding.
Rome wasn’t built in a day


Thank you very much for the feedback, and i laughed so hard when you said red egg XD, it was ment to be a strawberry but it’s all good.
I will for sure add more things like buildings and grass oh and bushes that would be fun.


Oh, I had no ideas it was a strawberry. :sweat_smile:
Keep on building!


What you did well on:

  • I really like the trees in this place. You have really captured the cartoony look on them, great job!

  • I like the way you have done hills around this world as well. I think they look really nice.

What could be improved:

  • In the image below, the tree looks super odd. I would make it blend in with the rest of the trees.

  • You should think about varying the amount of faces on the rocks around the map. It look like you have just copied and pasted and resized the rocks.


Thank you for your feedback i will make some differant types of rocks on the outside. Oh and that tree i made when i was bored. i will remove it.

I think the Mushrooms and Trees look very nice but the rocks/mountains need more detail. Fixing the shadows could also be done, other than that it’s amazing.

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Just went in the game, and i gotta say you really done a great job on your map.

My Suggestions

1.The map looks really good you should add some bushes and some. Rocks and flowers next the trees and you should add more trees on the little mountain parts as, i see there is only one tree. On the mountain!!

2.I would suggest you add some bigger rocks on the mountain. Part and add some grass and add taller trees to fill up the map part, and on the bigger mountains you could add some branches on the ground and bigger rocks and trees…

And that’s all i really like, how you design the map And added different trees.

  • Also in the image, one of the trees are of the ground a bit.

Keep up the good work!


Hello there, I am really impressed with your map. I have some positive things and the negative things to tell.


  • I really liked the trees

  • I kinda like the cliffs. I will explain why later.


  • All of the cliffs are the same color and facing the same direction so its kinda odd.

  • Same with the rocks they all of them are the same. Maybe you can change the size of the rocks a bit so it doesn’t look odd.

  • I didn’t understand what it is but it is kinda creepy and doesn’t fit with the game.

  • Map looks kinda empty. Maybe some bushes would make it seem better.

Thank you for reading. Good luck on your projects :grin:


Thank you for the feedback will work on it! >:D

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