Feedback on my game

Hey guys, so I’ve been working for a while on my game, gear box battles. It works sort of like a randomizer catalog heaven.

You find gear boxes floating around crossroads. They give you a random gear out of like 110 possible or so. Almost all of them are from the Roblox catalog, but I made sure they all work correctly since a ton of gear are broken in the catalog these days.

You start with a weakened claymore, and try to collect a bunch of gear that you can use to battle with. There’s no waiting or spending robux to get the gear boxes, you just have to jump into them and you’re ready for action.

Every 4-8 minutes or so, an arena battle happens, that each player can either opt in or out of. If they opt in, they are teleported to the old rocket arena, but with rising lava. The winner gets some xp.

Basically, the idea of the game is to just have players constantly picking up ridiculous gear to battle with, and adjusting their playstyle based on what they find.

I have a leveling system, where getting kills and winning arena battles gives xp. The higher level you are, you get a slight bonus in max hp and movespeed. Very slight though.

I did all the icon and thumbnail work myself too, so it’s not incredible but I think it looks okay.

I have two different ways of profiting:

  1. Super boxes. These are a developer product that gives you a random really strong gear for your current life. If you die with it, you lose it. It’s 15 robux

  2. Normal shop. Right now I have custom deaths that you can buy, and some extra purchasable benefits, like a rainbow trail and of course a boombox.

Little side note, I spent a total of 3k advertising last week when it was really underdeveloped and got a little rag tag group of people that play every once in a while, so I have some testers who really enjoy the game.

My plan now is to put in like 3k or so into advertising and seeing what people think.

Anyways if you guys could give me some feedback that would be awesome!!!


Ha, yes. I’m loving it. The concept is pretty good, and it is very fun even if there is only 2 people. It would be pretty cool once you hit one of the boxes that give you stuff, there would be a kind of “spin the wheel” thing where there are many options, with some being bad and some being very good, and it would pick a random one. Overall, it is really fun. The UI is pretty good, and the maps are decent. I think you should put like a “VIP” and “STARTER PACK” gamepass, and announce it in you game with a GUI once you are in the game, so every player that plays it will see it. Overall, the game is 10/10!

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Using crossroads as a map may come across as “lazy” at least from some players. Personally not me but I’m just throwing that out there.

I love the idea, maybe though, the higher level you are, there is better chance at getting better items.

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You still need some more time to make it to the front page. Right now it looks good, is good, but sometimes it feels unbalanced. Some newer players dont know how to fight, and you really can’t expect much from them.

What I’d do

  • Dedicate some more time to it, enabling more gear and making more maps that dont involve the common ones. If you make a map, try and keep it classic, with destructable parts and 3D-thought map (by which I mean think about a 3D space, not a 2D one like city roads or hallways, which seem to just be about walking in two directions). Try and see some videogame developer’s thoughts about making 3D maps for fighting games, how they use props, hallways, narrow places, wide places, hills or whatever other factor is used in game development.
  • Change the lighting of the game. Right now, the game is too dark, I can’t see much and I don’t know where I should go…
  • Maybe the small quantity of players per server can make it feel a little empty sometimes? I mean, 10 players seems to be very few, I’d increase that number, maybe just for now.
  • The 15 robux for a powerful tool seems a bit like a scam. It wouldn’t involve a full pay to win pass, but it would feel unfair to spend 15 robux for something that can bring the match unbalanced. Imagine having a tool that can let you kill everybody, two things could happen: You could die unfairly and lose 15 robux for nothing, or the player could go on a rampage, making it unfair to other players… I’d switch that a little bit. Maybe you could make an UGC hat that gives you bragging rights both in game and outside of it?
  • The User interface for the shop seems a bit, basic. If it’s for the first draft, then it’s ok, but it could get some improvements to be honest. Right now there’s not much of a reason to use it because it’s very few players, so the shop stays as an icon.
  • The level up sound is too loud. I already told you that in game, so you know what I mean…
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be making a lot of changes. By the way, did you notice a lot of lag? I can’t tell if its my internet or if the server was lagging because of the game in some way

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Not really. The game went without major problems. Though I got the rocket launcher and was on a killing spree and made some other players ragequit…

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