Feedback on my game

Hi Developers,

Since yesterday I decided to make a GameJam Showcase. Please give me feedback on my game, I worked really hard on it. I’m going to more of an abstract style, using only Roblox Studio and no Blender or any other software. Please reply with stuff you think is good about the game. It’s not perfect, as I timed myself how much time I spent making it. Thank you!

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Since you’re a builder I would start on the following notes:

–Improve on scaling
–Realistic Feeling-Lighting-Solid Modeling(no gaps)

For now I’ll rate a 4/10 {2/5}

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It’s not supposed to feel realistic.

Alr But Flower Petals that are floating are bugging me off… Anyways I hope you improve, I hope not to also hurt your feelings, it’s just that I’ve been modeling for 4 years

why are there walls poking out of the back

Doesnt this contradict the whole idea and meaning of feedback?

This just sounds like you’re begging for compliments when people are trying to give you real feedback, which can be good or bad

No, that’s not what I meant. I meant like feedback, you can do complaints or good stuff or both. That’s not exactly what I meant.

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Building error, I’ll fix it later. Thanks. Also please keep in mind this is nowhere near perfect, I just want people’s opinions.

The word “good” is overused and is relatively meaningless in everyday life. However, using the word “good” has a positive connotation. So it’s understandable why you came to that conclusion.

OP is just requesting you decipher whether or not certain aspects of @xXMonkeyGiraffeXx ‘s build are good or bad in your opinion. I’m assuming that they hope you will provide additional feedback or criticisms along with this bias of good or bad.

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Hi. Clearly you are a very new builder. I would recommend using a smaller increment to align the walls so parts of the house arent randomly sticking out. All the walls are the same material so maybe you should change it to add a better feel. I would suggest you try to shape all the walls, stairs and floors together as almost everything in the house is not connecting and has gaps or is missing chunks. Ultimately, i’d suggest watching a youtube tutorial on beginners studio so you can have a better understanding of the tools and what to do because atm your house looks very unnatural and is missing a lot. Once you align and proportion everything you should add more. Kitchen, hallway, walls inside the house so it’s not 2 big open rooms. Upon doing all of that, you can add more design like paintings and everyday objects. I hope this helped

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Yeah, I can understand all of that. I am a new builder, I semi-know what I’m doing. Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi, the overal build is alr. Some parts are not sticking with others, what i mean is like for the stairs, if you look closely the different parts are not colliding with each other. You can see trough them wich i dont think was supose to happen. I would recomend to maybe watch some tutorials or build more to improve your skills.

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Its very well done! The flowers look very great, same with the inside. I’d say you should use a different wood color for the outside of the house though, otherwise the game is pretty neat and well done! I love how they are all blended in with the outside, and it looks very realistic.

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