Feedback on my game

I’ve been working on a game for the past few months and I would like some feedback on it. This is the first game I’ve made since learning Lua. It’s an overhead wave-based game where you have to fight different types of enemies that come out of a portal. It’s a lot like Dead Ops Arcade from Black Ops 1. You move how you normally would and your character always aims towards the mouse. You unlock a new gun every five levels. Let me know what you think and if you come across any bugs that I missed.


I think the concept of the game is pretty nice like a wave type of game. I suggest u change the camera view to normal cause it makes it hard to aim. Also you should make the level bar a bright blue and overall make the map more detailed with builds and gui’s too.


The core game is quite solid, but I’d suggest some features be added to make the game less volatile. The most obvious of these would be a separate, permanent levelling system, where the exp earned might contribute towards unlocking other things after playing for a long time. Not sure if I explained myself well, hope I did.