Feedback on my game

I haven’t ever asked for feedback on my games before on the DevForum, so I’m mainly looking for feedback from other developers who spot things normal players might not.

My game is in the elevator game genre, aiming to be the highest quality one on Roblox with the most features. I’ve tried to add many interactive floors, quests/badges, and secrets to find. Along with that, I’ve tried polishing the game where I’ve seen other elevator games lack detail and gameplay.

Any feedback is appreciated! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Your game is pretty decent,I have no real complaints but that being said, it’s pretty generic in comparison to the other popular elevator games. It took me kind of a long time to load into the game, do you use instances?
My personal opinion: While it is an elevator game and you can’t really make it super unique, you can try. (I know you’ve added interactive floors and quests, but it doesn’t feel any different.)
A sidenote, your lobby feels a bit dull (particularly the room w/ boxes. You could add an obby or something fun, players love seasonal stuff so snow and stuff related to Christmas would be good)
You could also add emotes. Something to show off or do ingame for your average player :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback! Could you go into more detail on the comparison to other elevator games? Also, for the loading screen, which part of the loading process took the most time? Was it the preloading part or the actual loading of the assets? About how long did it take to load in?

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No problem. I’m not really sure how I could make a comparison but it looks and feels generic to other elevator games.

When you search “elevator” these are your results. I ticked the ones that look similar to yours. They all feel and look the same, and that’s not counting the games that don’t have the same repetitive thumbnail.
You could redesign the elevator to make it… more unique?

The loading screen took a minute or more to load. The skip assets button didn’t appear to me until a minute or so in as I thought I was going to be on the loading screen for a while and when I did this, assets were still loading in (this is expected when players skip the loading assets part, but I had already been waiting for a minute at this point). It should be known I can run AAA games and my PC is pretty decent. I’m not sure if this was a part of the assets loading in, but when I looked outside to the buildings, they were completely plain.

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It would appear that the delays with preloading are too long. The loading screen gets all of the assets that are required to load from the game and not a set list which would be the source of the problem. I agree the elevator does appear plain compared to other games. I guess I was hoping some of the changes like the windows on the sides of the elevator to fake movement would be interesting enough, but it would seem more has to be done.

Again, thanks for all the help.

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Some notes about your game:

  1. Many floors are completely lacking in engagement. This is true of other elevator games, but it isn’t necessary to copy their mistakes. The novelty of showing a wacky thing wears off quickly. Give players something to do on every floor or they might lose interest and become bored.
  2. Spur of the moment thought here: What if players got a checklist with all the floors they have visited? Then they could get rewards for visiting X number of floors, and the game could factor this in when choosing new floors to minimize repeats.
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Which floors in specific were you not engaged in? And, if you want, what do you think would improve them? The idea of a checklist sounds pretty cool, indeed. I’ll considering something like that for sure.