Feedback on my games thumbnail

What do you guys think?


The text is blurry. It’s not very appealing. I would add text with stroke in luckiest guy font as well as a GFX.

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There is too much going on in the thumbnail. I would say to only put your games name in it. And rather than having a black drop shadow put a color thats a darker shade than the color overlay you put on the text.

The first look I had, right away you can see that the image was very “polluted” due to the elements arranged in the image. The background wasn’t the best suited, the variation of text fonts used along with several words used didn’t go down well, it seems something very random in my opinion.

The icon in the lower right corner looks like something just put in place, the positioning of each element of the image is not something planned. It’s not an image that would draw my attention to play the game. Sometimes less is more.

Hey there!
Looks pretty decent art for the fact that you are a programmer :wink:

My first tip, is making sure the colors match. You now have green, color.

Also, you want to make sure the font is the same. It seems very chaotic to me now.

Hope this helped you, and I’d like to see your final result!

Ok lemme break down why this could be improved.

  1. Color contrast - The word “Sword” is red, which blends in too much with the background. Also, the text contrasts itself a lot with the green and red.

  2. Fonts - Why did the font change? This adds unnecessary contrast which doesn’t add much. Everybody already knows what Sword Fight on the Heights is. You’re not emphasizing the unique part of the game you added, it’s almost being hidden by the extremely thin font.

  3. This is more of a personal thing but the blurry background and text don’t interact well together. It’s very confusing to look at.

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