Feedback on my GFX #5

Hello guys, it’s me, again, this time with a sort of profile picture thing!! What do you think about lighting? posing? background? Please tell me everything in the comments! This is going to be my final practice GFX after i open commissions.

  • I like it!
  • Eh
  • I hate it

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Looks great! But, I do have some feedback.

  • Is the yellow outline intentional? The line seems to be appearing and disappearing on numerous places.
  • the lighting could be better, imo.
  • It’s a great GFX! I hope you do open commissions soon.
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Thanks!! I’ll surely open commissions soon! And about the outline, it is intentional, it was meant to be some sort of lighting!


I think it looks great! I especially like the fact you’ve bent the limbs into a natural position and the placement of the background so it looks like it’s extruding from the avatar! The lighting is also great! However, is the little yellow lines there to cover mistakes or…? All in all good gfx! :+1:

Edit: I just realized you stated the yellow line in another reply :+1:

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Thank you for your opinion!! About posing, I believe i have learned with some previous mistakes! However, thank you so much for your opinion :smile:

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I like everything except the background doesn’t have anything going on maybe add an effect to the blade and a backdrop lighting to the character.

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Alright, I’ll consider that! Thanks!

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It’s a really nice render! The only thing I would change is the stiffness of the arm holding the sword. I’d try looking up references of what a natural pose looks like when holding a sword. Poses can transform your GFX! Best of luck!


Thank you so much!! I’ll surely consider those factors!!

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Everything looks great except what the other fellow developers mention, the yellow lines. Personally, it makes the GFX look unnatural.

  • Needs a background.
  • The lighting is too close. Maybe, to make it more realistic, add lighting ABOVE the character.
  • Add some FX such as sparkles and such

Other than that, great job! I like your character :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t like the yellow outline your character has, maybe try putting a thicker outline and in a different color. I would suggest something that stands out. Other than than it looks amazing. I would pay a lot for your GFX.