Feedback on my GFX #5

Does this look good? Give me a rating - 1 to 10


Hello! I just wanted to mention your not allowed to create topics asking for ratings.

(So yea I suggest you remove that)

Anyways regarding the gfx. That’s an amazing graphic design. I love the white outline and the attention to detail. I have no criticism on this so keep up with it! The gfx is amazing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I do love this but as @tsubasa1234567 put this topic is against the rules.

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By the title I’m assuming this is your 5th GFX?
If so then, WOW. It’s really nice.
A solid 7 from me.


This is a very nice GFX! I would give it a 8/10. But yeah, it is against the rules so. I would recommend removing it. Nice job tho. :slight_smile:

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