Feedback on my GFX / render

here is some of the commission that I’ve finished for “ohcloudz” any feedback would be appreciated for my future GFX improvement >w<


I really like it! My only nitpicks would be the text on the log looks a little bland, and the pink particles in the air look a little to “clean”, I think they should be more blurry. Overall really good though! Keep in mind this is coming from someone with 0 GFX experience, but I would give it a 8/10!

Are they intentionally missing a leg? imo the fairies should be bigger, at first glance I thought the character was using a bubble blower that shot sparkles, had to expand it to see they’re holding a fairy

well actually I’ve been doing commission since a few months ago and this is my first ever post on devforum so… yeah, also thx for the feedback (>w<)

yeah it was a “korblox” package leg since that is what the client requested for, so the “sparkles” particle is too big I see… and also thx for the feedback (>w<)

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Personally, I would like there to be more contrast so that the fog overlay doesn’t completely ruin everything. You could make the lighting brighter on the render so it pops out more to the viewer’s eye. Overall, it’s good, but a bit bland.

i see… thx for the feedback (>w<)

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Um… yes the leg disappeared out of the planet… Other than the leg it seems alright!

the reason it looks like it has a missing leg is that the client requested that they want to use a “korblox” leg package plus combined with the way the model sitting and lightning shadow effect kinda make it’s losing a leg o.o

Oh… understandable… well… keep up the effort.