Feedback on my GFX | Warriors of the Scorched Fortress

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the Devforum and have been making GFX pieces for a while now.

This is a piece that I made for fun which is based off a sword clan that I’m in. Although this piece is relatively old and one of my first pieces ever made, I’d still like to see feedback on what you guys like about it and what I can improve on moving forward as my style still heavily revolves around my expertise in photoshop with effects and the use of colors. Before replying, know that I usually intend to make my art pieces cohesive where each little particle tells it’s own story.


How can this have feedback, this is one of the best gfx I’ve ever seen! Really good job! Well, unless you want the character on the right to barely be seen, and for one hand to be white and the other black for the guy in the middle.

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When I think back to it, while making this GFX I remember wanting to communicate the hazardous environment and the mysticism of the two guards. Using the gaseous effect coming off of what could be lava seemed perfect to me. Maybe it should have been toned down a bit though. Thanks for replying!

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The gaseous effect is great, I just think that the third character should pop out a teensy bit more

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