Feedback on my gfx

What do you think? I know the trees and the grass scaling are kinda off.


I think the environment is nice but I agree with you, the scaling is a bit off. The guy looks like he’s half the height of the tree.

Overall I’d just fix the scaling, looks good otherwise.

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I personally love the entire GFX. It is very appealing to my eyes. Like you and the person above me said, you should maybe make the grass a tad bit smaller and make the trees way bigger. They look tiny compared to that man. If you make the trees larger, then it will be amazing.

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Could use subsurface scattering

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1.Looks beautiful
2.Must have taken time
3.The only strange thing is the scaling
4.How did you create this
5.What did you use

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It took about five days. The scaling is off I didn’t fix it since I was lazy. I made this gfx looking at multiple post-apocalyptic references. I used a blender and photoshop.

Instead of scaling trees u could scale the character