Feedback on my gfx

The trees here are smaller than they should be. Other than that, what do you guys think?

Programs used:

Blender, Photoshop, Roblox Studio, and Quxiel Bridge.


Love the quality. The character sitting by the fire should have marshmallows burning on the tip of a stick just to give it more effect.

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Beautiful setting, cozy fire… i would zoom in closer so you notice the character faster, other than that excellent job!


The lighting is phenomenal. Extremely smooth, big fan of the top left corner. I see no way you can possibly improve this

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jesus christ thats a beautiful gfx.
the only thing I have to suggest is to somehow make the character more visible by either changing his position, or changing the character itself to something that isn’t fully black.

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I would suggest having the image zoomed in on the character or for The character to have lighter/ more noticable clothes, since it’s black on black.

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