Feedback on my GFX

patriotism for a country that isn’t mine

Feedback is much appreciated


Thd clouds, or smoke in the back looks, idk “fake”
But everything else is good



I suggest making the text bigger and maybe make it slightly more zoomed in on the character

Besides that it looks great!

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Looks good, You could maybe add bushes on the side to make it have more detail, other than that, I love it. :heart:

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Nice it looks like a good title not much to say tbh but the text could be a but Bigger

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The pattern on the text makes it a little hard to read for me at a glance. I’m not sure what would fix it, it’s possible a black outline around the letters would help. The division between the “stars” and “stripes” parts of the flag falling in the middle of a word may be part of it.

I’m nitpicking, obviously. It’s really good work, and it looks great!