Feedback on my GFX

Can I have feedback on this GFX I made?

You can also give suggestions, I will implement those and try to improve on what I am doing. :grinning:

Here it is.:


Doesn’t appear. We can’t see any picture here.

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Fixed it should work now. :slight_smile:

Pretty good, I do not know what to add, as far as I am not a skilled GFX artist.

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Well maybe any kind of particles.

It looks amazing, but I can’t help but notice that the render of the background looks very noisy and pointy… Is that meant to be? Otherwise its an amazing job.

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This looks amazing! Very aesthetic, I think the lighting can be fixed a little more though, the background is also really sharp. I feel like on your avatar, you should have a little bit of blue lighting too, over all though, I love it!

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It looks good, I’m waiting for more. :slight_smile:

It looks absolutely amazing! I seriously couldn’t do anything close to that.

Looks good for a beginner.

What program do you use?

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Vaporwave, love it. You should make a Desktop Wallpaper with some vaporwave mountains in the background.

I used Paint Dot Net in editing and Blender in rendering.

Looks good, but the character feels a bit separated from the background. Maybe make it blend in a bit more? You could play around with the colors or add some shading.


Looks nice, how you made the particles

It looks very, very good!

One thing I would add is a mountain in the background, like other vaporwave art.