Feedback on my GFX

This is my 7th GFX can anyone tell me if there is room for improvement???

Also I did use blender and photoshop for this.


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I love the concept! Here’s my feedback:

For starters, the lighting is rather dull. Since you’re featuring a neon sign, I think it’d be nice to add the neon light reflection on the character. Plus, set the scene to nighttime, and it’ll do a great job featuring your character in front of the sign. Overall, not bad, but there is much room for improvement. Good luck!

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Assuming from the angle of the gfx, I think a bit of the floor should be visible.
Overall its really nice :>

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I like the idea alot, maybe just one thing you could try is giving the text a bit more glow on the wall its hung up on and lowering the brightness on the edges to center the attention further. Very nice :slight_smile:

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I would say that this looks great already. However, I find the lighting to be a bit dark even though there’s a neon sign. Other than that, it’s quite good.Good job! :grinning:

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Ok thanks, I have been working on adding some more effects to the photo like the ones you said to make it look more realistic.

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What would be nice to do is add pink/blue lighting behind the character in whatever render program you’re using (Blender, Cinema 4D) and it would make it look very realistic.


Yes I was trying to do that earlier but there was a problem with the light. And I do use blender.

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Let’s discuss this in PMs so we don’t flood the thread.

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for your seventh gfx, it’s pretty good, considering that you’re starting to incorporate a custom neon sign into your own scene. however, there are a few things that you may want to consider; the character, and the scene lighting.


you have a neon sign in the back, however there’s no hints of the light reflecting onto the character itself, and the scene in general. if the sign was incorporated using your 3d software, than make sure that you add light sources to your character and the scene following the neon sign, which suggests blue and purple/pink light sources. since you’re probably going for the retro look, try to make the overall scene darker as well.

the character

from the pose that i am seeing, i can tell that you probably aren’t using a rig, if this is the case, go find a rig for your rendering platform on youtube, there’s available rigs for both blender and c4d, and i think there’s even one for maya. the videos would usually walk you through the basics of using a rig and applying your character onto it, and once you master the general functions, you’ll make drastic improvement on posing, with the ability to make your characters more dynamically posed. you can also try messing around the the material of the character. i’m assuming you use blender, so if you haven’t already, make sure you’re on the eevee or cycles render engine instead of the blender render engine. you can then change the character material to principled, and mess around with the settings until your character looks better.

Looks really good, posts above me have great feedback!