[Feedback on my GFX]

Hello everyone, I was on a long break and here I am back with anoter GFX of mine.I need some honest feedback on it, I will not be offended if you say it’s trash. This art work was inspired by my vacation trip 2 years back and I saw something like this on where I went. I decided to make something similar and here’s my result. Thanks for stopping by.


Looks really good! The lighting is excellent, which I don’t see very much in other GFX’s.

You could potentially add some more shrubs or details in the shaded area in front of the rock.

Otherwise, it looks great! Keep up the good work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks Great!!

Keep up the good work


This is really amazing! The gfx has a story, which is quite nice, because I see lots of amazing gfxs, with pretty people sitting in a pretty setting, with no story. It’s really cool how you have involved your personal experiences, to make an interesting gfx! The river bank blends into the water quite well, which is really cool! Great job :grin:

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The scene looks decent’ however you should add some lighting to glaze the water a bit and create a more realistic scene if you’re wanting a bit of realism in the scene.

It seems like a lot of empty areas that are, quite dull if you used lighting I think you should spice it up a bit to cast more visible shadows the “HDRI” and background look a little washed out the colors look a little dull I’m assuming that’s the lack of lighting implemented into the scene.

Since this is being created in blender, you can essentially do anything in the scene, you could try adding more characters playing around the lake or socializing if that’s how your vacation been when you visited back then.

Why not have something interesting that screams a vacation sort of place, there’s many spaces for improvements I think it looks good at player view I think the lighting is what’s needed.

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Alright I’ll do that. I was first going for a monk and added the sword as it was quite random. I will add some sort of realism effect onto it. Thanks for the advice!

The foot looks like floating, maybe mess with shading anyway Nice Work


The scene looks really good as well as the lighting but I don’t know if its just me but the image quality is low for me which kinda ruins it for me.