Feedback on my GFX

Just started creating GFX, any suggestions, or tips?kacper gfx


Cool! Just like my first GFX :smile:

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Good start! I like it, maybe you can also add effects in the future.


Well it does look like you put your avatar in roblox studio then used a greenscreen and edited it in photoshop or something but since this is your first gfx lemme say you did a good job with the theme and background.

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Looking nice, I can’t even make a GFX like this.

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I like it. It looks great for your first GFX design. Maybe add some lighting effects to the render and maybe even a highlight around the the render or certain parts of the render.

Overall, looks great for your first GFX design, but if some other things are added, like highlights on the render, your graphic design will look better than it already is. Great work! :+1:

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