Feedback on my GFX

Sooo I tried to do a high detailed GFX that actually almost broke my pc :rofl:

I wanted to get that spooky vibes but I don’t know how to achieve it.
Overall, I love how it turned out


I’m not getting any spooky vibes because of the sun rays shining on the zombie. If you remove that, I think I’ll look better.

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Expanding off of @Crazedbrick1’s idea I think it would look better if the sun rays were removed. Instead of the sun rays as a lighting effect, you could put streetlights for example (or any light source with yellow light). This would give the scary sense of them not knowing if the zombie was about to catch them. Also if you want to do day lighting I would highly recommend you considering using HDRIs. Other than that awesome job!


The vine behind the girls looks like it’s coming out of the wall
Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 10.57.07 AM

Maybe place it higher and out of the camera’s shot?

Also, the blonde girl looks kind of squished…
The zombie is definitely scary but as @Crazedbrick1 and @everythingtech2018 said, the sun rays dampen that effect. To make it more spooky you should make the lighting darker, add shadows, etc


So far it looks honestly great! I’d recommend giving it a darker and spookier vibe, you can achieve this by adding some green/blue-ish fog and glowing eyes over the zombie. Anyway great GFX!

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:heart_eyes:Well I think this GFX is amazing! You have a lot of potential. Keep on going! :smile:

I love it. It is so creative! Great work!

Great job! I want to make mine like that but more realistic!