Feedback on my gfx?

Could I please have some feedback on my gfx? I’ve created 10 GFXs so far, but yet for some reason, they’re still really bad.


I like it by the way, the layout is nicely structured.

To improve, you should make this a bit less pixely which would make it even more smooth or was the pixel intended for the GFX, in the middle one you could have moved the credit text in a better angle, you could have put the first text a little little more on the right.

To be honest Im not pretty much of a GFX designer but I try my best to support, I have done a bit but I could improve in the future, but I do specialise on using Photoshop and I use it to design complex shapes for studio which ROBLOX does not support.

My favourite is the first one!

Anyways, this was a brilliant try, keep it up! :+1: :+1: :+1:


The design looks quite simplistic if your going for that approach continue to learn and practice, I feel like too much effect were produced into each graphic design

What software you use to create your designs (Blender, Roblox Studio, Editing programs)? Try decreasing the amount of effects placed into the scene I feel like that’s what’s making your designs look bad and bland it’s a start to making designs. Maybe go for a more different background so the effects could look more interesting and not ruining the design.

Otherwise, there alright the first design looks good the other’s look too saturated with different colors and effects from my point of view.

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I reccomend you use rigs instead of r15 in studio because it looks much cleaner

also add overlays and flare for effect

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