FeedBack On My GFX!

I made this one yesterday any feedback should i change something?another_gfx__D


I like it but I do also think it could use some polishes.

There’s multiple different light colours and I’m not entirely sure if I like the tilt on the character but if that’s what you were going for and if you like the outcome, then that’s great.

I recon you could try going for a more gloomy atmosphere and perhaps change the face on the character to a more eerie one, but other than that it looks good.

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I think it looks alright. But the lighting is a bit odd.

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At the start, the design looks good, but there isn’t much going on here you have two types of colors hitting the characters’ hands you should move the left pink color somewhere in the corner or above, so it doesn’t create a heavy lighting on the character’s hand.

You could even try making the lighting reflect shadows on the surface; to enhance the design if this is a practical design I can see why it’s a simplistic Gfx.

Perhaps include one color, lighting and move it around the character, if you were to improve this more further I’ll try adding more characters in the scene and see what the end result brings you it’s always good to continue improving your work.

Nonetheless, it’s not bad looks clean and well put together i’ll give you that!

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