Feedback on my GFX?

So today I just completed this GFX for a commission, and I’d like some feedback on how to improve my GFX skills. What do you think I should work on to make my GFX better?

The things I picked up on:


The poses are really bland, especially the bacon hairs on the left and right which have the exact same zombie-like pose. The gun on the right is being held by the stock rather than the handle, is being held with one hand, and is way too small for the character.


The overall scene is questionable, just having some bacons and some dude with a few swords standing on platforms in the sky walking towards a noob, who is also in the sky.


The text is really plain, and is harder to make out where the background is just clouds (i.e. white on white). Also, the watermark you’ve placed is not nearly as subtle as it should be; its jarring to just have plain white text in the corner with your name and the date. I’d scratch the date entirely and just overlay your text somewhere nice, like maybe on the platforms.

Hope this helps.