Feedback on my GFX

3-4 Hours ago, I was found idea about this GFX and I want to add it on my portfolios. What’s your opinion about this?


I really like the fire effects, great job my dude! :smile:

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You should definitely add an emission shader to the fire, would look great. Maybe some bloom would be nice, otherwise it looks nice


Legit is amazing. Not much I would recommend changing. The only thing I could say I don’t like at this point is the way the character’s headphones clip through his hair… but that’s just Roblox.

Excellent work. I would definitely recommend you put this in your portfolio. :+1:

waw Good job i like it,but maybe you can add background ?

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It’s pretty cool, the background is quite plain though.

This looks like it took a long time to make, but didn’t come out properly.