Feedback On My GFX

Please Send Feedback! Thanks

Gfx 2

I Quit For A Few Months Then Came Back… This Is For My Friend @46kDrip! Advice? I Hardly Remember How To Make GFX’s :’(


It looks great even though I’ve forgotten how to do it and I’d just say you can show the other hand.
Keep up the good work

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I don’t see much wrong with this GFX It’s pretty good nothing I would change on it. The only possible thing I could think of for feed back is what the right hand is/doing (It’s either I can’t see it or it’s holding a candle) but still good work.

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If the image has color, then I can say a lot more about this GFX. I can offer you a free GFX teaching lesson if you want.

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Nice!.. I just would suggest add some of the fallowing:

  • Clothing Folds
  • Sun-rays
  • Dust Particles

Over all it looks pretty nice!..


Thank you! I appreciate the feedback.

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Thank you! I would love to attend sometime!

Thank you! The right hand is in a regular position, it’s not holding anything.

Thank you! Both hands are showing, next time i should contrast it so it shows more?