Feedback On My GFXs

Looking for feedback on my GFXs! I just started shading renders & would love someone to rate them. :smiley:


Since I am really a beginer at GFX, this looks amazing to me!
Only minor detail at last picture, purple arm is holding some kind of circle? :joy:
It looks really good, I hope you will get even better in future :DDD


Thank You! I just started shading & it’s not really that hard once you know what you’re doing. Thanks again for the feedback.

P.s: The purple circle is supposed to be an orb or something I don’t know lol. :laughing:

I suggest you use different camera angle and make the pose feel less stiff

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You should use a rig to make the overall pose look better.

You can download a basic rig here.

You should also avoid the amount of sketchmarks overlapping the character (especially the faces).

Also, try tilting the camera or changing the angle to give it an overall performance.

Apart from that, it’s good. :+1:

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