Feedback on my GFXs

Hi everyone :grin:

If you haven’t met me already, I’m c4tlover123468! I’ve started doing Roblox developing because I wanted to do it for a school passion project, and I am having such a great time!

I have found what I really like to do, which is GFX design! I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on my GFXs, and if you think they are good enough to sell! Here they are! (Oldest at the top, newest at the bottom)

**Edit: I removed the gfxs as I changed my username :slight_smile: **
My gfxs are normally more of an aesthetic kinda style, I’m gonna try some more commercial/real game kinda ones, can you guys give me some ideas for that?
I have had a few problems too, that I hope you could help me solve:

  1. The quality of my gfx’s aren’t that good (they are a bit blotchy and pixelated)
  2. Sometimes if I leave my gfxs for a few hours+, all the textures disappear and it turns bright pink (I use blender)
  3. For some reason, the arm texture goes weird (You will be able to see this in the gfx)
  4. I try export it as transparent, and it doesn’t, even though I have the background set as transparent.

Thank you so much for your time😁

Should I make a portfolio yet?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Have more practice first

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EDIT: I added some watermarks <3


These look incredible! However, I feel like a lot of people don’t seem to realise this:

Add watermarks, someone would like to, and will eventually, steal your work!

This work is exactly the type and quality of work someone would like to steal, and it would break my heart to see them get stolen like this.

I really like your aesthetic of artwork, it looks phenomenal from the shadows, to the poses. 10/10 from me, please make a portfolio when you have the time. :+1:


Wow :open_mouth:
The last one was legendary :open_mouth: :clap:
I don’t have any more words to say about your work.


Thank you so much! I’m adding a watermark now :smile:

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! :smile:

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