Feedback on my group

Hi there! Miss_Dianaa here! This is actually my first topic ever!

I wanted to get feedback and advice regarding my group.

It’s a group that specializes in making unique creations per the members request. Members will just go on the wall or DM me to tell me what they want made. I proud myself in not making anything already in the Roblox shop. It’s been active for almost 5 years.

*Is this a good concept for a group?

*Are there any ideas on what I can do to get more members?

Thank you for taking your time in reading my first topic!


Hey! Nice to meet a fellow clothing designer.


  • Have a more organised description (seems all over the place and messy)
    You could include:
    – Established date
    – Goal
    – Style of designing
    – Ranks

For more members, I recommend ads (run 2 a day each 75 Robux) if possible or advertising in Creator Mall or Group Recruiting Plaza. And QOTD’s.

In my opinion, your group seems unorganised in regards for description, group shout and you should have a Homestore with the number of clothes you have.

I have to commend you on clothing, but you should also keep a constant style but still experiment every now and then.

If you want, I am happy to create clothing for your group as well.


Great to meet you, too!
First of all, thank you for your response:)

I don’t know how to do a homestore! I wish I could though, its a great idea! There’s a member in the group that is a beginning game creator. He actually made 2 games for the group that we use for challenges. I’ll ask him if he can make a homestore.
I will defintely look into rephrasing my description. I dont understand what the issue is with the Group Shout though?

There is no way I can keep a constant style. Cause like I mentioned above, it’s a group that makes specific clothing per member requests. Meaning that everything in my store was specifically requested by someone.

Because of the way the group works, I am never inundated with requests. I really wouldn’t have a need for another designer. But thank you for offering! :slight_smile: