Feedback on my Gui I just made


Hi, I just quickly made this ui In 10-15 minutes and I want some feedback! This Gui is for my mining tycoon game. Just for reference the economy is very inflated and 1,000 coins can’t buy very much as for it’s 20R$ value.

Prices for reference:

  • 1,000 Coins = 20R$
  • 5,000 Coins = 45R$
  • 10,000 Coins = 80 R$
  • 50,000 Coins = 350R$
  • 100,000 Coins = 675R$
  • 1,000,000 Coins = 6,500 R$
  • Vip + 100,000 = 500R$


There are many things to improve here:

  1. Make the VIP logo fit with the UI itself
  2. Make the coins UI a little bit more cartoony
  3. The Shop Text on the top is too stretched, consider resizing it and also the X doesn’t match the UI
  4. Try to make the UI not too plain and use a background color that will fit
  5. Try to make a blur on the lighting every time the player open the ui

While it’s a simple design I’m still curious, it’s still being worked since it’s quite simplistic, I see more options you could try filling in perhaps add a different color for the background outline the text so it doesn’t appear as plain. The color looks basic liking, I would recommend including shades of black or grey, whatever suits your own liking.

A decent recommendation is to add a square outline around the entire coin and text. You may also consider into using images as inspiration to get a good layout or smaller ideas to add to your GUI. Otherwise, it’s a decent start I would try to improve it a little more.