Feedback on my Hangout/Donation game

Hey there! I made a hangout game and I’d really like feedback and what I can improve.

Thank you for your help.

Please play the game before giving me feedback.

Also, probably don’t read through the replies if you don’t want any spoilers.


I think the game was fun. I think that you should re-design the arena and put some music in it to make it feel more dramatic. I also, think a system that doesn’t let you get the same stage twice is a good idea. Have a good day and keep up the good work!


I like the unique approach of this donation definitely normal Hangout game! Although a couple of things can be changed:

  • The water thing can be a bit unfair sometimes, especially if you’re really far away from it and don’t even know about it

  • The place where you get teleported to could use some work, it’s a bit bland (Do consider add some unique colors & materials :open_mouth: )

  • Some music would be a nice change of approach, especially if you’re fighting against something :thinking:

  • Some of the text at the start does feel a bit off, do consider fixing that

Overall though, I like it! & can’t wait to see more on how it can be implemented!

Also just imagine this at 3 AM at night chasing you around, asking for money:


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I was seeing it more as “When mom doesn’t buy you bobux”.

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I made it a little more boss battle like. I plan on adding onto this as it’s still a bit plain.

I’m gonna try composing a boss battle but if that doesn’t work then I’ll just hire a composer

With the water, I just gave a little more wait time before the flood started, and I tried fixing the text but I’m not sure if it was much better than it was before.

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