Feedback on my homestore?

I am currently the only member in my group that does everything, and I wanted to know what people think about my first homestore build, I don’t plan for this to be the final, just while I get my group started. I plan to add a bit of decoration, but I wanted to know if anyone had tips and advice to make it better!

Thanks for reading!


This is what I have now! I personally like it much better than the video above, what do y’all think?


I like the Homestore. Maybe make the models in different places so it is a little more interesting. Also, maybe fill up some more space like adding plants.


the design is excellent :+1: , aesthetic and minimalist. However, in my opinion it is a bit closed, I think it would be better if you put a place outdoors outside the store, and some windows. :wink:

Sorry if my English is a bit bad, I’m using a translator.


Looks really good. I would suggest adding lights to the ceiling for extra detail.


I think it’s really good! I suggest maybe adding windows to make it look a little bigger and adding some decorations inside (like plants or something). So far, it looks nice :slight_smile:


It’s certainly different from the other homestores that I see, with a more earthy or dark color pallet. It looks pretty nice so far.


Very eye-catching! Like the use of color pallet used throughout the build. I’ll say your home store is well built and the floor’s texture are great. I think there’s more things you could include in the home store, maybe place some interior decoration like shelves, clothing stands, circular tables, and more. Since it’s not the final build I’m assuming that’s already being planned out.

Overall the store and interior itself looks decent I can see there are more areas where items could be placed; maybe add cloths lay upon stands other than that looks good so far.


This looks really good! I have nothing to say about it, other than the fact that it looks like you put effort and time into building everything perfectly.

Good luck on your next build!!


First of all, great work! I love the theme that you’re going with! This was already suggested but maybe fill it up and make it look less spacious!


It is really good, when will it be released?


I really like the store layout, I recommend maybe changing the floor something other than roblox’s marble material though, it could be a tile floor perhaps


The first thing that pops in my mind is the lack of colour, right now you have two colours and it does not really tell much about the place… it feels kind of a boring. I would suggest you taking a look at ZARA homestores in real life or other images for references as it will help you improve your architectural vocabulary.

The overall layout seems good, just make the space more diverse in form and colour, maybe add material.