Feedback on my icon

Here is my icon:

(sorry for the way i do my watermarks, its my first time doing it)


Uh, the watermark surely distracts from it. Do you plan on removing it when you publish the image?

Yes, indeed. I will not keep the watermarks on the game icon when I publish it.

What is the game going to be called?

Its hard to judge the icon with the watermarks but it looks pretty good.

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The game is here:

It’s a text with a ray background. Not much to comment on.


Oh. That’s what the TOH meant. It look’s pretty good but maybe have different text sizes and position. You don’t need to do it for this one but that’s just my opinion.

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I think the text placement is good. It fits with the center of the ray background

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I’ve went ahead and deleted the post of the real icon due to icon theft, but you already got a look of it.

The font could be made larger, and the rest is fine, maybe make the background have higher contrast

I think it looks kind of bland, so probably put something above or behind the text? Also, the “Hau” things are also kind of distracting.

When I first saw that “Hau” thing I was thinking you were talking about the pokemon character Hau XD

Hau, is the watermark. This is the current game icon

Oh, i get it now.
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I think I need a break from pokemon… :man_facepalming:

I still think it would look a little interesting with a picture, though. Like a picture of the tower, maybe.

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I didn’t make the background for the icon, I added the text to the icon though.