Feedback on my incomplete obby

Hello, in december I started working on this game and then a month later I lost motivation due to lack of ideas and no one playing my game. I have started to get my motivation back and I’m wondering if you guys have any ideas or suggestions for my game.


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this part is too hard. Almost hurt my fingers doing it and gave up.


there are too many squares in the building. I suggest adding more different kinds of shapes to give the map more favor.

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Hi! I just finished the Obby. First thing is I found it really enjoyable, but I do feel like the “Difficulties” were to short, but it is about preference. I’d say just continue making stages and try to keep them unique and the game will turn out amazing!

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You could add the “stud” texture on your platforms. Other than that, looks great!


I know how cruel this might sound, but by making a basic generic chart obby with a few original obstacles isn’t gonna make any profit or draw any players. It’s a pure capital war. If you spend enough robux so the algorithm picks you instead of all the other thousands of similar and better chart obbies then you’ll win. Otherwise you’ll lose like nothing.

If I were you I would spent some time on actually making a 2022 quality beautiful parkour game instead of another chart.

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