Feedback on my Intro tunnel

Hi, my name is MarveL and this is intro tunnel that I made. feedback about this building!

I have 2 Screenshoot

-With High Graphic

-With Low Graphic

Rate my building here!
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  • Very Bad

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Try making it a little bit more darker, then try messing with the Lightning settings overall. I’d prefer shadowmap in this case of a build.

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I feel like it seems never-ending. I would make it so you could see the end of the tunnel. That is what I think. I would also add something a little scary mainly cause the scene looks spooky and dark ,I would add maybe a scary spider on the ceiling or something similar to that. Overall it is a great intro tunnel.

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Yea, I’d suggest adding some flickering lights and some blood spatter on d surroundings to get that spooky vibes if this is a horror game