Feedback on my Island

I’ve decided to start developing a game that has to do with a large island. This isn’t the actual island, but it’s more like a test. Do you enjoy this?

If there’s something that needs fixing, please let me know.
Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:!


Really love the design one of the island, I do have one recommendation though. For around the island, you should possibly add sand, or some rocks. For the sand, I think the best kind of terrain would be triangular terrain, that way it matches the rest of your build being made out of materials, a useful plugin for this would be:

Other than that love the build so far!

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Looks really cool, nice work! :+1:

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The base of the island looks really good! I think you should definitely start spicing up the island by adding trees, maybe even a small pond? Maybe even some wildlife on the island, because it looks lonely right now. Still, very well done on the island thus far!

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I like the unique shape of the island, I also like the fact that you have added a small amount of grass. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Add rocks
  • Perhaps add some sand around some edges
  • Make the bottom part ‘more curvy’

How did you make the island? I’m making one right now and it is quite time-consuming. It looks nice though overall, and like others said, you should add some trees, maybe like a pond, and detail overall.

The shape and design and layout of it looks nice it looks like a good start, however, there’s isn’t much feedback to add onto your build, however the terrain has a nice shape I would try to, add some elevation and texture. On the terrain, add some minor texture By adding elevation, add any hills or valleys or just small changes in height you plan on placing to your small terrain.

Once you’re finished with the whole design, add more depth into the terrain things like trees, plants and other vegetation and try expanding the terrain more and larger so you could add the extra details to it. In the following picture it’s a good looking terrain you have made, but I believe once you finish the whole design of it it’ll look nice overall this little part of the terrain is a good start this is just for future suggestions you could use.

It’s definitely a good start hope to see the final result.

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Looks good, maybe it should be surrounded by some water, vegetation, such as trees, bushes, and you could even add a small cottage for a better experience whenever someone visits your game.

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I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since that’s the best category for threads that are seeking general feedback.

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