Feedback on my latest GFX commision!

the next occife

What do you all think?
Who can guess what laptop model that is?
What can I improve?


Make it brighter and make the computer screen’s glow light up the characters face. Also is it supposed to be pixely?

You could use a denoiser. It would be nice if you could make the light brighter.

It’s pretty cool and all, but the brightness of the computer is a little dark.
Overall 7/10, keep it up!

Honestly, its too dark. It would be a better alternative if you made it more realistic. I recommend you to replace the prop models with blender models not roblox models.

The commissioner wanted it dark.
And yeah, I lost access to my enhancing tool, so I cant take the noise away now (anyone have any suggestions?)
I don’t have access to any Blender props, only Roblox ones.
Can nobody guess which laptop that is?