Feedback on my latest GFX

Hello! My name is CringyBear. I am Beginner GFX Artist and I am also new the DevForum. I would like some feedback on my latest GFX and how I can improve. Please do let me know if I have posted this in the wrong section.

Have a great day!


Hey! That’s a really nice GFX. Love the details, the pose, and the effects! Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciated!

No matter if you’re a beginner GFX Artist, your GFX looks great and detailed, good job! (11/10)


Looks great!! 1 thing tho, his legs look uh Idk

Woah! That’s look so cool, it’s like you’re a not beginner! I like the details, avatar the background and all. Keep up the good work good luck in your next work!


The GFX looks very good, only one arm is not positioned correctly but keep up! : D

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Oh yes thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Thanks! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Nice gfx! Cool posing and the background fits with his outfit, I would recommend fixing the position of his legs but other than that, Great job!

Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

Sure, thank you for the feedback!

Really cool background! How did you make the background?

I found a good city picture from google, edited it a bit, added some blur and smoke along with some small brush editing


Thanks! I got some ideas from you!


I like it but something I might try is not having the character facing DIRECTLY into the camera. Maybe make it tilted to the side or something, but not too much.

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This is really well made! However, the face on the character is really grainy. Other than that, looks pretty good!

ohh alright, thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! :smiley:

Looks great! How long did this take you? Also, what platform(s) do you use for it?