Feedback on my latest gfx!

hi guys! here is my latest commission!

any feedback is welcome!!


I like it! Maybe add some soliders in the background, and also maybe give the guys some gear. Anyways, not bad!


Looks good but the lights on the light pole look like they are on and its daylight might want to fix that anyways goodwork.:smiley:


well i did what the person told me to do and used what he gave me. thanks

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its sunrise, like 6 in the morning

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Looks good but the person legs on the right are clipping into the floor.

yeah thanks for spotting it out, ill try and fix it next time!

Not bad! Maybe you should give some gears to the soldiers, but overall, you did pretty good.

The daylight is a bit bright for 6, and it would be sunrise, wouldn’t it?

I like it! Maybe instead of white sun ish lighting, do orange ish lighting so it looks for ‘realistic’…?

Maybe add people watching and gasping in the background. Playaround with the lighting a bit

it is sunrise I already said that.

my client had specific instructions so i did what i was told to do.

Oh well if it is your client then its good overall

Looks pretty good! The posing is quite good!

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