Feedback on my Lightsaber

I’ve made this Lightsaber model in Roblox studio, here are some photos:

The Lightsaber

Feedback would be appreciated!


I do like the detail and the lightsaber glow itself. Maybe some more smaller details on the handle itself if you’re going for a more realistic feel. Looks good overall, no negative feedback.


I agree with @splotchhy I like too when lightsaber is more glowing
It’s look more sci-fi, It’s it’s realistic then it looks good
For now it looks good but if you want do more sci-fi then add more glowing! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to add some more details on the handle.

That’s a really realistic Lightsaber! I wonder, did you using the base building tools that Roblox Studio gives you or an external plugin?

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Impressive you didn’t have to use Blender or modeling for this. Impresses me. Great job!

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Thanks, I just used the modeling tools that studio gives you without any plugins.

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