Feedback on my load UI

I’ve been trying to get into more UI design recently and so for the past hour or so I’ve been messing around trying to create a loading screen for a potential game. I would love to get any feedback that you may have. Thanks.


the only thing I would change is the picture other than that its ok.


its very cool and if you make the character on the left spin the snow ball its going to be amazing after all its very cool and its for sure better than what i would do.
great job.


pretty cool! the fun fact is a nice touch. although my childhood is kinda ruined. The little stick figure is cute. But the update is in either French, or Spanish.

Yeah I’m planning on creating a spritesheet to achieve that.

Rip your childhood. Regarding the updates container text, I believe it’s Latin.

I’ll probably re-do that. I suck at illustration (especially since I was using a mouse to draw it lol)

For those who asked, the updates text is Latin. I personally don’t know Latin, so I just used Google Translate.

Wow! Nice job on this GUI. Like the shapes and the color and the gradient included with it. Nice touch to the updates and the fun fact GUI. Overall fantastic

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This is a very good loading screen I see it in games like Breath of the wild and Mario odyssey, where they tell fun facts.

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Wow, it looks great, amazing job, I aspire to learn doing that type of loading screens, as of now I do basic ones with a normal background and a text. Incredible work!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a commonly used placeholder text.