Feedback on my lobby

Please give me feedback. I know it isn’t great. It is one of my first.


For a first, it is good. I wouldn’t reccomend using it in a game, though. The trees need to be more detailed. The lobby boarder I’d say is fine. The house in the back can use more detail as well. The grass having no material doesn’t go with it as the trees, mountain/rocks, and house all do. Try searching on YouTube for some tutorials! I have faith in you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s pretty decent! I see one of the walls isn’t protruding out as much as some of the others. The smoke from the chimney seems to be going through the chimney.

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It reminds me of flee the facility, as a first, it is simple and okay. It reminds me of 2013 roblox so thats nice, perhaps try adding more detail to the house and grass on the rocks and such? If you’re going for a blockier older look then great, you did it but if youre looking for a modern lobby perhaps try wedges and such. maybe add sunrays :slight_smile:

Try to look at some real images before building, it might help :ok_hand:

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The design of the place, in general, looks alright since this is your first attempt, the style and layout are good and unique. I would, however, recommend! But just from my opinion, I think there could be more added to the lobby instead of having just vegetation and mountains.

In my opinion, I feel like there could be some other types of vegetation around the map mainly on the mountain parts, bushes, flowers to give the ground a little more life. Maybe add some vacant things like shops/buildings to make it a little more lively as well or buildings so players could buy things while they wait! You could be able to add some obstacles or an obby somewhere in the lobby so players could interact with each other instead of staying in a plain empty lobby if you know what I mean!

I feel as though the lobby lacks details even though this is your first attempt maybe try finishing it look at existing games and see how there’s look, so if you could furnish those a bit more, and maybe add some buildings or shops, I think that’d go a long way.

It looks pretty decent.

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Try to add textures as well to make it look more realistic.

it doesn’t matter what type of build it is, it’s about map layout, if the builder is going for a simple build, it’s actually fine, why should we tell somebody to build it realistic? anyway I like it, but adding more details like what others have said, rocks and grass will make the scene even better.

in my opinion its really fantastic keep on good work but what type of game you making

It is a game called food fight, where you all spawn in one area, have 5 seconds to spread out, and then receive an item of food to throw at opponents.

Reminds me of older Roblox, it’s decent for your first one, but you’ll get the hang of it.

For your 1st attempt, don’t ever tell yourself down, this looks really good dude!