Feedback on my logo commission!

Hey everyone @amobamocamo here and I just finished a logo commission. I was wondering if I could get some feedback!

Here is the logo:

If you would like to order a GFX than please add me on discord Amo#5847.Thanks in advance!


The shading looks good, but the outlines with white/black next to yellow is jarring to my eyes. For once different colors don’t look too bad. The streaks are a pretty nice touch, though. 7/10.

Completely unrelated but did you have to include your pfp with a watermark already…


Thanks for the feedback and uh idk I just put a watermark all over the logo because I usually just add a redline over the work but people have edited it and stolen it so yea.

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I definitely like this logo!
Though my suggestion is to change the color of the hood text, maybe to a dark-ish blue color with a low saturation or smth.

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