Feedback on my Logo I just created

Hey guys! I’m working on a lot of logos right now, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on one of my designs. I made up the game name, but the art is what I was working on. If you guys could let me know what I should add or change, that would be great!



Looks nice, but from my experience, the brown colors for logos don’t really appeal to younger audiences, I would suggest using brighter colors, such as pink, teal, blue, and green so it pops out a little more. You could also make the hammers more detailed, since hammers are most likely half the point of the game, such as the games’ thumbnail showcasing what the game would approximately be about.


Thanks for your feedback! I was going for brown so it would kind of feel like a wood theme, but I’m thinking about changing it to orange. And I’m going to work on the hammer an nail as well. Thanks again for your help!

There are certain tyes of wood decals/meshes you can use, since brown by itself won’t really remind people of wood. :+1:

I think you should make the top and bottom texts both different layers, and add a 3d effect to the one on top so it stands out more and is more appealing.

Yeah… I use adobe illustrator so I’m still figuring out what all I can do on it. But I’m getting better at it!

I’m not quite sure how to make it 3d yet, but I’m trying to figure out how to make that look.

This looks great. but I recommend adding a few more silhouettes.
also, the bottom-ish shadow on the word simulator is a bit too long.
Other than that Great job keep up the good work.

Hope this helps!!! :+1:

Thanks. I’m not sure exactly where to add more silhouettes, but I will make the shadow a bit shorter under the simulator word.