Feedback on my logo

Hello, I made this logo for practice and I would like feedback on it


Pretty nice not ganna lie! My problem with the logo is with the left pink box star. If you look behind the box there is some blue behind it. I am not sure it’s supposed to be there but its kinda bothering me. But overall the looks great!


I really like the concepts and the way they’re placed, however I would remove the blur/glow around the letters (or lower the opacity on it). Other than that, great idea!


I love this logo! I especially love how the text is warped. Great work! Love these colours as well.


I think the colors are nice but the stroke is really heavy. The blocks on the side don’t fit in well because of the heavy stroke. Maybe you should try blockier letters.

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Looks great! It looks a bit like a minecraft logo but still great!

The font was thin and thats why I used a heavy stroke

Then the best alternative is finding a thicker font

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It looks amazing!

One thing that is triggering my OCD is the star on the pink box. It is not centered.

Love the style of the logo! :happy3:

This style is amazing. Keep up the good work.