Feedback on my logos

This is what I made.


They’re quite basic and don’t really have much to give feedback on. The purple squares in the second “ATR” logo do not fit and just make it look awkward.


Starting with the first one.

  • It looks nice and simple but I would make the top part also curve like the bottom part to make both sides look wavy.

The second one

  • It looks nice! I don’t have much to say about this one.

The third one

  • This one is nice. However I would try to cover up more space with the blocks.

The fourth one

  • I would change the white to a lighter blue to make it sort of like a sky and add some clouds at the top. You could also make the water more curvy.

The fifth one

  • It looks good, but again I would change the white to a light blue and add clouds.

The font of all the ATR logos doesn’t match what the name implies (Above The Rest could be something mighty, glorious, prestige, fancy, grungy, sporty, etc). The designs do not seem to add much to convey what ATR means, or (let’s say it’s a company brand) what the message of the brand is to the customers or target audience. The same can be said for the first revision of Ocean Creations.

The second revision of OC is too confusing. The font choice is more or less meant to be cosmetic, not readable.

And for all the logos, the designs are only composed of text with simple backgrounds, whereas many logo designs may have images, shapes, only shapes or images, or even just text with some quirks (the ROBLOX logo has a slanted square in their logo).

A lot can be done to improve the designs, as right now they look too simple to be considered logos (at least for me). Logos should represent brands (even if it’s just fictional or for practice). Some suggestions I have in my mind:

  • For ideas, you can search for stock-free samples and use them as reference material or study how popular logos are made. Don’t plagiarise. Try to know what’s too generic to avoid designing something like them.

  • For color, you can use a color wheel and experiment with the colors you choose. Some things to do and not to do though:

    1. [DON’T DO] Wildly striking colors such as any neon colors (red with a value of [255, 0, 0]) is not good for logos (or any design).
    2. [DON’T DO] Using many very identical shades of one color isn’t good (pro tip: may sure you can distinguish the shades enough even at a distance. If they clash, blur, or merge together in your vision, try adjusting the shades.)
    3. [DO] Know about color psychology (what colors mean to people). For example, red may mean love, violence, or alertness; gold may be perceived as luxurious or energetic.
  • For fonts, it should depend on the logos’ or brands’ target audience. A fancy logo needs a curvy, elegant typeface, while a business logo may only need a simple sans-serif typeface. Browse font websites or images and see if they fit your logos’ target audiences (I go to for free fonts. Go check it out).

  • For logo backdrops, patterns, textures, proper colors, etc. can make a big impact on your logos’ effectiveness (although not all logos need a backdrop since logos may be used anywhere else, such as a website, in-game UI, posters, advertisements, etc. Again, a backdrop’s design should be related to your logo or brand.

  • Extra tip: Make sure logos are high-quality (or vector graphics) to make logos sharp still when placed on any design.

That’s all I can say about your designs. Keep pushing through, you’ll get to make great logos with practice.

Oh yeah, one more thing. This topic should go to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback instead, as Game Design Support is more about

game design (such as level design, mechanics, game flow/loops, user experience (UX), narrative, or monetization) on the Roblox platform, from extremely basic to even the most technical of issues.

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