Feedback on my Low-Poly build

I’m currently trying to get better in low poly building
since I want to do low, mid, and high poly.
I tried making the best low poly build I could in studio, tell me how it looks!


The color choices and overall structure of the build is good, but it’s seriously lacking detail imo. Even with low-poly design, detail is important, and having vast swaths of nothing in nature (as in between trees) looks uncanny. Low poly details here would help, such as rocks, grass, bushes, hills, flowers, etc: anything you’d find in an environment like this. The trees look okay but could definitely use some variation using different models of trees, and could use more detail on themselves too, such as breaking up the leaves into smaller segments and having more than 4 corners.


Pretty flat at the moment, play with hills, different trees and mountain shape.


Okay, thanks! If I could, I would add more low poly stuff but it’s kind of hard since it’s on studio and I can’t use Blender because it crashes.

You’d definitely want to use a 3D modeling software for low-poly builds! Doing it with the built-in studio parts system is not only time-consuming and usually yields worse results, but would also be less performant. I don’t know why blender is crashing for you, but it’s an amazing tool to have whenever you want to design anything smooth, stylistic, or complicated, and is extremely lightweight and so can run on potato computers too.

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It crashes because I’m on a Windows 7 with bad CPU :confused:

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